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12 horas sonidos naturales para tí...

02 Torrential Rain
"Feel The First Drops Of Rain On Your Face"
Running Time: 59 Min 44 Sec
Description: The winds are strong and the force of nature is truly demonstrating its power. You can hear the wind, the rain, the sound of thunder... The first spots of rain make you dive for cover and as you reach your shelter the heavens open...
01 Tropical Waves
"Feel The Waves Lapping Against Your Feet"

Running Time: 59 Min 44 Sec
Description: Lay back and imagine you are on a tropical sandy beach, the sun gently beating down on you with the sounds of the waves gently lapping at the shore...
04 Tropical Storm
"You Can Hear The Sound OF Thunder And See The Lightening"          
Running Time: 59 Min 42 Sec
Description: The water runs off the roof of your shelter, and in the distance you can hear the rumble of thunder as the storms weaves it's weary path...
03 Woodland Bridalway
"Hear The Sound Of The Trees Rustling"
Running Time: 59 Min 43 Sec
Description: Take a relaxing stroll along a peaceful and tranquil woodland bridleway, and leave all your cares behind as the sun shines down and warms you - just don't forget to move for the passing horses!!
Sit back and relax while your favorite sounds block out the outside world, and let your imagination roam...
06 Autumn In The Forest
"You Can Hear The Sound Of The Leaves Falling"
Running Time: 59 Min 44 Sec
Description: Leaves rustle as the gusts whistle through the trees and the occasional sound of a forest inhabitant is heard on the wind...
06 Dusk At The Oasis
"At Last It's Time To Rest At The Oasis After A Day In The Desert"
Running Time: 59 Min 39 Sec
Description: After a grueling day on the camel train, you set up camp for the night at the oasis. As you settle in for the evening the wind begins to rise.....
08 Tropical Beach At Sunset
"The Ultimate Tranquility Experience"

Running Time: 59 Min 59 Sec
Description: The sun has just gone down and you can hear the sounds of the waves gently lapping on the shore as the creatures of the night start their gentle symphony of sound against the night air...
07 Babbling Brook
"The Hypnotic Sound Of The Water Falling Off The Rocks"
Running Time: 1 Hour 00 Minutes
Description: Listen the the water of the brook gently sweeping over the rocks, rushing through the gaps as it makes it's way ever onwards...
10 Hot Jungle Day
"Enjoy The Tropical Sounds Of The Jungle"
Running Time: 1 Hour 00 Minutes
Description: Another hot humid day in the jungle, you sit and rest after a long trek through the undergrowth to take in the beautiful sound...
09 Lazy Summer Day
"Listen To The Sound Of A Bee As It Passes By You"
Running Time: 1 Hour 00 Minutes
Description:  A hot lazy summer day, sit back, kick back, and let the sun gently warm you as you sip an ice cold lemonade...
12 Log Cabin Fire
"Hear The Sound Of The Logs Crackle And Spit As They Burn"

Running Time: 1 Hour 00 Minutes
Description:  Snuggle up on the rug and stare deep into the fire as the flames warm you and conjure up magical dancing pictures before your eyes...
11 Tranquil Waterfall
"Relax As You Hear The Water"

Running Time: 1 Hour 00 Minutes
Description: Water gushes from on high and falls flowing and against rock and mixes with the the swirling foam producing ripples and currents across the tropical lake...
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